How Much Does Air Conditioning Cost To Run?

How to work out how much a device costs to use

Step 1: Check the label or manual to find out the wattage
1 Air Conditioning unit = 2600 watts or 2.6 kilowatts per hour(kWh)

Step 2: Check a recent energy bill to find out the cost per watt
Look for kWh (1KW typically costs 0,18¢ after tax)

Step 3: Apply this formula
COST = kWh x 0,18 (1KW typically costs 0,18¢ after tax)

Step 4: Know your costs
Air Conditioning unit = 2.6kWh x 0,18 = 0,47

Air Conditioning Costs 0,47¢ an hour!

Typicial Apartment:
3 Air Conditioning Units
8 Hours per day
Total: 340,00€ per month!


  1. Is this the constant running cost as with most units they have a temperature control and if you leave it on auto then it only runs until the temp is reached then only cuts in to top up the temperature so will work out loads cheaper

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