How many Credit Allowance Cards do I receive with my AC Guard System?

Your purchase of the AC Guard System comes with 25 Credit Allowance Cards.

These contain default values of €10 and €20 unless stated otherwise.

We estimate this initial 25 to last you a minimum of 2 years. When your empty pile builds up, send the cards back to us for re-chargining or simply purchase more cards from our store.

How do I use the Master / Override Card?

The Master / Override Card is the Card used by Owners & Property Managers.

Ir contains the maximum amount of Credit – 9000 Euros.

To use the Card, please follow the step by step instructions below:


+ When arriving at the Property, ensure the AC Guard System has no existing credit on it already and that the Yellow LOW Light is on.

+ Insert the Master / Override Card, wait for the click and the amount of Credit will appear on the Display.

+ Then remove the Card and place in a safe place

You can now start using the Air Conditioning


+ Re-Insert the Master / Override Card so that the Credit goes back onto the Card ready to be used upon the next visit

NB – You must LOG-OUT the Master / Override Card, otherwise the next person in the Property will have access to the Credit.

If you lose or damage the Master / Override Card, you can purchase additional ones in our Store

How does the AC Guard System work?

Guests receive a card either from the Property Manager or the Property Owner.

To start using the Air Conditioning, Guests must insert a Credit Allowance Card into the AC Guard System.

The Amount of Credit the Guests can use will appear on the Display, and gradually tick down as they use the Air Conditioning.

Guests can keep an eye on their expenditure everyday, and make adjustments throughout their stay – helping to control and maintain a low energy consumption.

Guests are warned when their energy usage becomes excessive.

If Guests use all the Credit on the Card, they must collect another Credit Allowance Card and insert it into the System if they wish to continue using the Air Conditioning – this protects Owners from any Overusage.

If the Guest leaves the property and there is remaining credit on the System, this can be returned to the Card or used again by a new Guest.

What is a “Credit Allowance Card”?

A Credit Allowance Card contains an amount of “Credit” that can be used on the AC Guard System.

Guests either collect or purchase these cards from the Owner or Property Manager at the beginning of their stay.

Any value of Credit can be placed on a Card, however our default values are €10, €20 and €50.

Example: A €20 Credit Allowance Card allows a Guest to uses €20 worth of electricity on the Air Conditioning.

If Guests do not use all the Credit on the System, it can be returned to the Card or left on the System ready to be used for a New Guest.

Where to find an installer?

Simply visit our Installers page to find a list of our recommended installers.

If you are unable to find an installer near you on our website, just give us a call, or email and we can help find someone in your area.

Can the AC Guard System monitor other circuits?

Yes, we designed the AC Guard System to be completely versatile in its functionality.

The System can be wired to monitor the Air Conditioning, Whole House Electrical Supply or Individual Circuits like the Lights or Sockets

Ask your Installer beforehand.

What do I do with Empty/Used Cards?

Once Guests have used all the “Credit” on a Credit Allowance Card it becomes empty and cannot be used again until re-charged.

Empty Cards can be sent back to us and re-charged for a cost of 50 cents per card.

Or you can dispose of your empty cards and purchase additional cards off us at a cost of €1 per card.