Planning To Rent Out Your Property? Beware Of Forgetful Guests…

Renting out your property for the first time is an exciting and prosperous venture, but with so many things to organize,, monitoring your Air Conditioning can be an important factor that goes unnoticed.

Having Air Conditioning installed is a great investment, not only providing effective heating and cooling to your property but also increasing its overall rental price.  But with the Rental Market being so competitive its important to ensure you costs are kept to a minimum.  No matter how efficient the Air Conditioning is, if misused it can cost you a considerable amount and make renting not worth its’ a while.


The Problem? – Air Conditioning if used respectfully can be the same cost as any appliance, but guests tend to see it as a luxury when on holiday.  Forgetful guests tend to leave the Air Conditioning running all day and all night with no concern of the costs and the strain on the units.   Leaving doors & windows open, and setting the temperature too low are also factors that contribute to the unit working harder and therefore costing you more!

The Solution? – There is no need to get rid of the Air Conditioning, or to punish your guests for misusing the system.  The best way is to monitor their consumption and make guests more aware of how much they are spending.


When you can see what you are spending, you spend less!


The AC Guard System is the perfect addition to any new property rental with Air Conditioning installed.  The unit monitors the energy consumption and shows guests exactly how much they are using via the digital display.  You can then set a budget or charge your guests outright, either way guests are made more aware of their usage and in return your electricity bill is spared.

The AC Guard System is the most effective solution to Air Conditioning Misuse due to its versatility.  Any budget or allowance can be set making it perfect for short term and long term rentals.  It can also be installed to monitor the whole house electricity, ensuring you can keep on top of your total electricity bill.
Whatever you preference the AC Guard System combats Air Con Misuse, making guests more aware and protecting you from unexpectedly high bills. – Have Peace Of Mind when renting out your property with the AC Guard System


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Been Hit With A High Electricity Bill From Renting Out Your Property? – NOW there’s a Solution!

Renting out your property should be a breeze, but forgetful guests can cost you a fortune in high electricity bills.  In a competitive rental market, keeping costs to a minimum is a priority, and should become your main focus if you’ve been stung already.

Air Conditioning albeit a savior in the Summer months, can be a hidden danger if not monitored correctly.
Imagine the scenario – guests arrive on holiday, switch the Air Conditioning on, set it to its lowest temperature, and go out for the day.  This may seem an innocent act, but your electricity bill will sting at the end of the season.

With doors and windows open, the temperature set too low & the Air Con left running – the unit has to work twice as hard, costing you twice as much.  Air Con Misuse accounts for 80% of high electricity bills and can make renting out your apartment a tiresome and deflating process.

The good news? There is a simple and effective solution – The AC Guard System.
Developed over 5 years, taking in the best aspects of similar Air Con Control Systems, the AC Guard System is the most versatile and effective product on the market.  We have found making guests more aware of their usage is the key to lower electricity bills.


99% of the time, when a guest can see what they are spending…they spend less!


The AC Guard System is an add-on to the property and allows you to either charge guests for their usage or set a budget.  Either way, the guest has invested into their usage, they will not step outside the budget or want to be charged more, so your electricity bill stays at a healthy level.

The AC Guard System allows you to keep track of exactly how much a guest has cost you, meaning you can work out the costings of the property in the long-term.  It’s versatile application also means the whole house electricity can be monitored, meaning you can keep track of what bills you will receive every month.

The AC Guard System has taken Spain by storm, helping thousands of customers save on their electricity bills including Landlords, Key Holders and Property Managers.  For the cost of one electricity bill, your property is protected from Air Con Misuse and so is your pocket.


Have the AC Guard System installed today by one of our Qualified Installers and see the results for yourself.

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How Much Does Air Conditioning Cost To Run?

How to work out how much a device costs to use

Step 1: Check the label or manual to find out the wattage
1 Air Conditioning unit = 2600 watts or 2.6 kilowatts per hour(kWh)

Step 2: Check a recent energy bill to find out the cost per watt
Look for kWh (1KW typically costs 0,18¢ after tax)

Step 3: Apply this formula
COST = kWh x 0,18 (1KW typically costs 0,18¢ after tax)

Step 4: Know your costs
Air Conditioning unit = 2.6kWh x 0,18 = 0,47

Air Conditioning Costs 0,47¢ an hour!

Typicial Apartment:
3 Air Conditioning Units
8 Hours per day
Total: 340,00€ per month!