Who We Are

"There´s No Excuse, For Air Con Misuse"

With over 5 years in the rental accommodation market, we found the 3 main problems of Guests Misusing Air Conditioning Systems were:

  1. Leaving Doors & Windows Open
  2. Setting the Temperature too Low/High
  3. Leaving the Units running for long periods of time

Many products tried to solve these problems by shutting down AC Units after a period of time using timers or sensors, however in many cases these were unreliable or caused damage to Units.  We felt the best solution was making Guests more aware of how much they used, and giving Owners the choice of whether they charged Guests or provided them with an Allowance for their Usage.

This led to the developement of the AC Guard System -  the Ultimate Defence against Guests Misusing or Overusing Air Conditioning Systems when staying in or renting properties abroad.

The Systems Versatile Application means it can be tailored to meet any Owner/Guest Scenario and can be installed in any European Property.

Today the AC Guard System provides peace of mind to thousands of Owners lending out their Properties and ensures out of the blue high electricity bills are a thing of the past.

Our Head Office lies in the Murcia region of Spain and we supply to an extended family of installers who distribute the AC Guard System as part of their service across Europe.


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You receive free advertising on our website by being listed as one of our installers for your area.  The AC Guard System is easy to install with excellent profit margins. We do all the hard work – getting started is easy.

Upon your first purchase, we provide you with all the necessary marketing information and installation manuals to make you more effective.

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