Are Guests Overusing the Air Conditioning?

Install the AC Guard System for Complete Protection


Reduces Consumption

Lowers Costs

Stops Overusage

Profit from Renting


The Ultimate Defence

The AC Guard System provides the Ultimate Defence against Overusage of your Air Conditioning when Guests stay in or rent your Property Abroad!

Guests are provided with a reasonable Allowance of Usage in the form of "Credit" on a Card.  Once the card is inserted into the system, Guests have access to the Air Conditioning and the amount they can use appears on the display.

As the Air Conditioning is used, the amount ticks down and Guests are made more aware of their Energy Consumption.  They can can actually see how much their usage costs and make adjustments as they go. 

The system is easy to use and can be installed for less than the cost of one bad guest!

Here are some of the many benefits of the AC Guard System:

  • Shockingly High Bills are a thing of the past
  • Lowered Costs on Every Rental
  • Universally Compatible with all A/C Units
  • Peace of mind when Guests use your Property
  • Makes your Property more Eco-Friendly


Common Mistakes of Air Conditioning

Guests misusing the Air Conditioning can have serious consequences on your Electricity Bills.  

Leaving doors & windows open, letting units run whilst no one is there and setting temperature too low are just some of the mistakes Guests make.

Reduces Consumption by up to 50%

When Guests are made more aware of their usage they reduce their consumption by up to half!

It would be fair to say Guests do not purposefully misuse your Air Conditioning, they are just not aware of how much it costs to run.


Goodbye to High Electricity Bills!

The AC Guard System shows Guests exactly how much they are spending throughout their entire stay - allowing them to make adjustments and become more energy conscious. 

Owners are covered from Overusage and know the maximum cost of every Guest - making unexpected high bills a thing of the past!

The AC Guard System is effective in a variety of scenarios including Short & Long Term Rentals, Family & Friend Visits, Hotels and even in Personal Homes.